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Family Orchard Session || Musser Family

The orchard was calm with only the background noise of a neighboring dog and the farmer plowing a nearby field. The sun shone brilliantly through the leaves. Illuminating the awaiting apples for harvest. Soon the orchard held a boy with baby talk, and exited eyes every time a horse went down the road.

I had the privilege of capturing Caleb and Karena last year when they were awaiting the arrival of their precious baby son. This year I got to see Chandler for the first time and he is so stinking precious! The blondest hair you've ever seen paired with the most brilliant blue eyes. Yum!

Chandler fell in love with a loose apple we found on the ground. The two became best friends. For the next hour Chandler put the apple in his mouth any chance he got. He doesn't have any teeth yet, so the apple just became the shiniest one in the entire orchard. :)

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