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Incase you haven't noticed yet, my name is Sherri! My goal for your wedding is to make you feel celebrated and cared for. 

I'm über detail oriented and celebrations are my jam! In another life I would be an event planner! The more details you give me about your wedding day the more excited I get!! :) 

Heyyy my name is Sherri, I’m 5’1”, slightly dramatic at times, and always down to make people smile and laugh. 

I currently live in the rolling countryside of Lancaster County with my husband, Matt, my brand new baby boy Theo Alexander and my yorkie poo, Chandler.  When I'm not planning my next trip, you'll find me at home with coffee in hand as I survey my garden and pick a new room to paint 🎨 😉

But enough about us....


Seriously, though I'm here for YOU!! I’ll be there to capture the magical moments of your day.. Moments that will never be forgotten or lost.

Proof for your children and grandchildren that ya’ll are dang good looking and head over heels in love. 


I’ll be there for you, holding extra tissues for the First Look and

I'll be there, cheering as you run past your family and friends and step into your new beginning. 


I can’t wait to be with you on your special day!!


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