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Summer's Finale with the Stoltzfus'

Hanging out with Daniel, Ruth Ann, and their daughter Shakyra was the perfect end to the amazing summer season. We trekked down a path in the woods till we arrived at this beautiful clearing. It's almost as if the sun knew this would be our last session together and it showed off in a big way!!

Daniel & Ruth Ann are two of the kindest people! We had them relaxed and laughing in front of the camera in no time! I loved getting to know them as we walked to and from our session. When I say getting to know new people is my hobby and the best part of this job...I really mean it!! Shakyra, was shy at first but me and my trusty wrist giraffe won her over in no time!! I promise to always be best friends with your children by the time we leave your session :)

Summer you were amazing (despite the challenges) and I look forward to seeing you again next year...until then...give me allllllll the fall fun!!

Daniel, Ruth Ann, & Shakyra, I loved capturing your first real sunshine session and I hope to see you again too!

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