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Sam & Mary's Sarasota,FL Wedding

"In biblical days they celebrated weddings for several days!" Mary's Dad made this statement at their Ohio reception. It made us smile, because Sam and Mary got to celebrate their marriage two weekends in a row! Who gets to do that!! Not gonna lie it made me wish I would've done that. Your wedding day goes by so fast, and the receptions never last long enough!

They were both born and raised in Ohio but were single adults, living in Florida when they met a pizza shop in Sarasota. From there their relationship blossomed and before you know it I was getting an email being asked to come capture their magical day. Mary worked at the Pizza Shop and Sam works for a company that makes the most amazing ice cream ever! What do you think they served at their wedding? Pizza and Ice Cream from their respective jobs. So FUN!!

Sam and Mary, it was such an honor to fly to two different states to celebrate your wedding days with your family and friends.

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