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Narvon Airbnb | Burleigh Family Session

Michael found me on instagram, after looking for a Narvon photographer to come to their airbnb. This adorable property is located less than a mile from my house. The Burleigh's drove all the way from Maryland just for this session and to say that we had fun is an understatement!!

Michael, Kia, and your three daughters, you were such a joy to get know! Ya'll are raising a beautiful family! After such a crazy summer, planning a little get away for your anniversary and for family time, and is the absolute sweetest thing ever! A wonderful example to the rest of us what true priorities are. :) Your girls are so full of personality and spunk. I love it!! I've always wanted a house full of daughters. They made me laugh and smile sooo much and they reminded me why I love capturing family sessions so much! I also, loved watching them respond to ya'll so easily with smiles and laughter when you goofed behind the camera. It may have made my heart melt just a little bit!

We walked around the property finding all the beautiful nooks and crannies. Proof you don't need a special location. You just need your special people! The sun was pure fall magic! At the end of the night, Michael even built a little fire for us!

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