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Mr & Mrs Miller

I was driving to Ohio the Friday before, on a sketchy snow covered mountain highway. The one phrase that kept running through my mind. "If there is snow at the venue tomorrow this will all be worth it."

Alicia and I spent almost their entire engagement praying for snow on their wedding day. Our dreams came true! Much to our delight we had the perfect amount of snow!! Enough for gorgeous portraits, but freshly cleared roads for safe travel to the venue. Not only did we have snow on the ground, but lazy flakes drifted down for the rest of the day. Their bridal party was in such good spirits about outdoor portraits. We stayed warm by laughing through poses and dashing into the cabin every so often to warm up.

Open mike came and the father-of-the-Bride shared with pride how he has seen his daughter mature into the woman she is today, "...whatever Alicia does, she does with the greatest amount of passion." Jeremiah's family and friends were very willing to share the many jokes and good times they had while growing up. There may even have been a debate about which Miller family was more fun (their last names were both Miller). Talk about making "name change" a lot easier, by not even having to do it. :)

Alicia and Jeremiah are two of the sweetest, most kind individuals, you'll meet, always putting other's ahead of themselves. It's what they do best. Together they will make an incredible impact on the people around them. I have the utmost respect for this couple. Not only are they adjusting to married life, but they are doing it while moving close to an hour away from family and friends to fulfill God's calling for them. To live in Canton. To witness to those around them and be a godly presence in their neighborhood. I pray God's riches blessings upon you both and that He would send wanting people to your doorstep.

We loved spending your day with you,

Sherri & Faith

Second Shooter: Faith King

Wedding Coordinators: Mr & Mrs Kensinger

Venue: Sharon Mennonite Church

Florist: The Flower Room Design Co.

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