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Mr & Mrs Hochstedler

Rolin and Erica's wedding day, was filled with loving family, supporting friends, and special prayers.

We discovered that Rolin has great dedication. If there's something important to him he will take his time, articulate it to perfection, and make sure nothing happens to it. Rolin hand carved their cake stand. It was semi. It had a flatbed trailer and lights attached to the bottom of the trailer. All together this made one of the most grand cake stands I've photographed. "Rolin, I have poured more time and energy into raising my daughter, the women beside you, then you have on creating your semi. But if you take care of Erica, as well as you did your semi, you will have a very solid marriage," Father of the Bride's toast. A marriage is meant to be articulated, to spend special time on, and to always be protected. Seeing the elegant cake on top of the wooden semi, was an excellent representation of the couple. Of femininity and masculinity coming together to create one of God's most precious gifts. The gift of Marriage.

Rolin & Erica, your wedding day was so beautiful. I'll quote my husband, "It was the nicest indoor wedding I've ever attended." Erica, I pray Texas treats you well. After all they are the state that's known for doing everything "bigger and better". ;)

Florist: Sue Ellen's Floral Boutique

Dress Boutique: David's Bridal

Cake: Elizabeth Yoder

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