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Maternity Picnic| Merlin & Susan

We started the King's backyard picnic session with a cooling rain shower. The rain gave us a clean slate, a fresh start to a beautiful session. We laid out the blanket, fluffed the pillows, unpacked the basket and they snuggled amongst it all. Savoring a few more memories as a family of three. As the condensation appeared on the glasses so did golden hour. We reveled in the beauty of it all, between the high grasses and the creekside wildflowers.

Brielle was a doll. She may have stole the show with her adorable personality and bouncy blonde curls! The King's session was special to us for a few reasons. Merlin & Susan are my next door neighbors and my in-laws.

Merlin & Susan, I loved capturing this moment in your lives! I cannot wait to meet the newest addition to the King family. If I can make just one request? Please, Baby Girl King, come before we leave for our three week trip in August. ;)



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