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Mahogany Stories Part I

What a day! This was the first style shoot I had ever participated in and my o my was I nervous. Shooting for clients is one thing, but shooting with 10 other photographers around you as you call the shots puts a whole other realm of nerve on it. However, soon after getting there I was too excited about the shoot to be nervous. The girls were all so fabulous! Laura, the head of concept and design, was such a beauty! I loved getting to know everyone, and expanding my community knowledge of my Lancaster network. Seriously though if you need a wedding vendor of any kind, I now have a list of wedding magicians for you :)

I'll be updating part II soon!

Thanks so much to the crew below for such a fantastic day!!

Concept & Design: Laura Patrick Photography

Bow Ties: Asos

Invitation Suite: Persnickety Inc.

Dessert: Dough and Co

Venue: Hingework

Flatlay Styling Items: Champagne and Grit

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