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Jason & Deanna

Jason and Deanna were so fun! They were my third session for 2019 and already they've won the best customer award. Deanna contacted me and I told her I would love to do their session but I'm getting married the following week and won't be able to edit them right away. Knowing they wouldn't get their portraits for over a month she still said yes!! Also, I loved that they were from PA. The last two sessions I've done have been of Pennsylvanians and while I may never see them up here it makes me feel like I at least know a few residents.

For their session we got up at the crack of dawn. Due to my non morning personality, sunrise sessions and I have a love hate relationship with each other. I love it until the alarm goes off, then I regret them, but after I hit up Starbucks and get to actually see the sunrise and revel in the quiet of a new morning, I'm once again in love with them. Theirs' was P.E.R.F.E.C.T. We met at the park and I'm bundled in leggings, boots, and a sweatshirt. They have on short sleeves and sandals!! Clearly northeners. That Florida sun shone in all it's brilliance and we got so many beautiful golden shots of these two newly weds! They were so easy to work with and talk to, I instantly fell in like. I bet they didn't even know I hate talking before 9 a.m. ;)

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